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Darjeeling Darj coming Home 
Darjeeling Darjeeling Darjeeling

Huang Long Darjeeling Kitsune
b. May 2013

Darjeeling, or Darj as she's known, came to live with us to bridge the gap between our big, working shepherds and our tiny, pampered Pomeranian Dragon. We had hopes she, and by extension Dragon, would interact somewhat with the big dogs. We had no idea that she would be such a beautiful force in our home. We are truly blessed to have her sharing our lives.

Darj was found running wild on the streets of Bakersfield. Thankfully, she's a good girl and the wonderful people from A Safe Fur Place rescue were able to coax her off the streets. She was spayed, microchipped, lots and lots of crud was washed & brushed off her and she was ready to find her forever home.

Little did anyone know, she carried some pretty severe scars hidden within her. On her first vet visit after we picked her up, we found buckshot lodged in her chest and along her left side (our vets are amazing PLUS they know we're somewhat obsessive about our animals so it was a REALLY thorough initial exam). Having found that, we feel extra lucky to be able to share our lives with this amazing little creature. We've added the x-ray below, in case anyone's interested.

We expect to have lots and lots of Darj photos in the coming year - hopefully even photos of her with Nellie &/or Ruby puppies.




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